Halo, I am Tania Malan

I am the founder and clinical director of Uniskin Wellness Clinic. We have a passion for restoring health and wellbeing and strive for agelessness and longevity. We serve men and women over 45 when they usually experience the most significant change in their lives. Uniskin restores them outwardly towards agelessness and inwardly towards wellness.

I have 30 years of experience in trauma and medicine in South Africa (SA) and the UK. I have developed an enormous skill set working during the Angolan war, apartheid in a developing country filled with wildlife and tropical disease. We worked with scarce resources in difficult circumstances and had to upskill constantly, problem-solve, and take on roles usually associated with doctors. Unfortunately, this is also why I eventually left SA and settled in the UK.

In the UK, I progressed quickly in my career and worked as an advanced practitioner in various hospitals, out of hours and GP surgeries.  I continued to study at multiple Universities, which resulted in 4 degrees, three at MSc level, including an MSc in Aesthetic medicine.  I have written over 28 research papers, published many, and treated over 300,000 patients in 30 years. One of my many roles consisted of developing and co-writing nursing and medical programs. I also lectured at various Universities, including Nottingham and Leicester Medical School.

When your daily life is so intertwined with diseases, illness, and injury, you start to appreciate what it is to be well and the importance of avoiding chronic disease through longevity. 45 Years onwards is where the most significant changes occur, especially for women when their oestrogen factory shuts down. The impact is seen outwardly and felt inward. Women can age overnight and lose up to 30% of their collagen, impacting their hair, skin, and joints. They experience dullness, brain fog, fatigue, and various aches and pains. The majority of women experience a loss of confidence and identity.  They tell us that they now recognise their mothers when they look in the mirror.

I believe that women over the age of 45 are underserved. It is my passion to restore these women to their former selves. Nobody wants to look younger but want to look the best version of themselves. I have developed a journey map that provides personalised care for every woman, taking into account their uniqueness.


Non-surgical treatments include muscle relaxants for fine lines and wrinkles and fillers to rebuild and reshape loss caused by ageing.

Regenerate and Nourish:

Skincare treatments and products that regenerate collagen improve skin and fine lines and wrinkles at a cellular level. DNA testing for hair loss and nutrition. It diagnoses causes for hair loss and examines nutritional factors within the body that can lead to chronic disease.


Tweaking areas in the face that enhance looks aesthetically, such as lips, jawline, cheeks, and noses.

My years of experience and the advances in technology mean that we now can offer treatments to improve health and wellbeing, including looking your best.

We aim to get you to live your best life through agelessness and longevity.