Wellness, wellbeing………………why is this word trending so much and what do we mean by this? Wikipedia offers a definition of wellness as: “a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous. Synonyms are: upbeat, wellness, well-being, prosperity, successfulness, welfare”.  The noun is a state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. Other words used for this state are content, holistic, fulfilled, valued, safe, calm, mindful, loved and much more. It seems that wellness encapsulate everything we feel when all is in perfect harmony.

Wellness is much more than just wanting to look after oneself. It now takes on a holistic approach. That means looking after oneself on a physical, social, emotional and financial level. We are well when these four pillars are in balance. However, if one of them is out of sync for whatever reason, it can cause a domino effect. Imagine a balanced tray with four full glasses.

When one glass suddenly empties the tray becomes uneven and the rest of the glasses slide. Examples are for instance when one becomes unwell medically it affects you physically, emotionally and socially. You might feel too unwell to go out and can make you feel isolated and lonely, which then makes you sad or anxious. Conversely, you might be feeling anxious for whatever reason which then impacts on your sleep and makes you feel ill. You become socially withdrawn and might not go to work which impacts on you financially. There are many reasons and examples of this.

Therefore, everything we try to do is to enhance our quality of life. A trend that is starting to take hold is known as gerontology. This is where a consumer takes control of their life and what gives it meaning. We aim to prevent illness, disability and remain healthy to avoid long term conditions. We no longer accept that usual ageing is normal. Ageing in this sense refers to the whole-body organism such as hair, skin, cells, bones, muscle, posture, etc. The focus now shifts to an individual choice and effort to reshape and modulate ourselves to improve our quality of life. A tailored approach of the “vital self” and rejecting one-size fits all. We are looking for things that enhance our lives instead of making superficial changes. We are conscious of our environment and value transparency, ethical solutions and taking back control. We are all unique and have different values, one size definitely does not fit all. We are seeking solutions that are bespoke to us and our lifestyle.

In the UK we tend to mostly seek help when we are feeling unwell or in disharmony. Our usual first point of contact is our General Practitioner (GP) or hospital. However, experience tells us that the GP services are stretched to capacity and limited due to cost. It is custom to have only 10-minute appointments and we feel ashamed when we are seeking help but are not unwell. From a GP perspective (I have worked as a nurse practitioner for 30 years) we want to cure disease where possible and avoid chronic disease. We see average of 25 or more patients a day which include a myriad of time-consuming tasks. We have to check bloods, contact patients with results, write referral letters to specialists, incident reports, run multi-disciplinary patient groups, attend home visits and receive multitude of phone calls in any given day. The majority of our patients have a combination of needs that cannot necessarily be resolved in one visit and we try to prevent further illness by identifying certain conditions sooner. There are not enough hours in the day to be innovative and develop new programmes of treatments, let alone be proactive and support any patient who want to have a tailored personalised approach to their wellness.

Thus, there are little to no services on offer in the NHS where you can take control of your health and seek tailored approaches to your wellness. Unless you work for a very good company who do take an interest in your wellness and offer you bespoke private health. These are few and far between. However, for the customer who are really concerned with their wellness and prevention of disease there are a lot of bespoke services on offer to you which is not as costly as you might think. UniSkin is evolving with the global trends towards nutrition, complimentary therapies, blood and DNA testing to optimise your wellness.

UniSkin has 30 years’ experience in medicine and are uniquely placed to offer alternative treatments and solutions which are not ordinarily available on the NHS. UniSkin aim to fulfil the gap with an individual approach to wellness and will be offering a combination of services to optimise your wellbeing. This includes blood testing for various concerns, DNA testing, nutraceutical drips and regenerative medicine. More will be published in the subsequent blogs and social media. One of our established strands of treatments are anti-aging with regards to fillers, toxins, skin care, skin peels, vaginal rejuvenation and skin clinics. The second strand is so much more and aimed at prevention of disease through identifying DNA and blood deficiencies which cause hair loss, tiredness, fatigue, allergies and nutritional issues. UniSkin is working with global pharmacies and geneticists to optimise your wellbeing.

The goal is to combine anti-ageing and functional medicine such as alternative and natural therapies to prevent age related decline and triggering of disease. UniSkin recognise that one size does not fit all and that we are all unique with various needs and values. We therefore aim to offer a personal approach to your wellness uniquely to you to ensure improvement of your optimal self. Our aim remains prevention of age-related decline and maintaining your pillars of physical, social and emotional wellness.

With Love,